2022 Q1 Update

2022 Q1 Update

2022 Q1 Update 1024 718 Lenny Vallone

Dear Investors,

Since our last update, we’ve made some significant progress… and experienced some challenges.

We recently visited the Motivo headquarters for a presentation of the first fully-functioning ZendoorA prototype.  Exciting to see, the engineers were able to show the ZendoorA power-up, connect to Wifi, and detect an approaching human who was then able to scan a barcode on a package to unlock the device.  After closing the lid, the ZendoorA automatically locked, took a photo of the contents, and sent the delivery confirmation to the “homeowner’s” mobile phone.  The team was also able to use the ZenSafe app on the phone to create and share a temporary QR code, sent via text message, to a “friend” who scanned their phone screen to unlock ZendoorA and retrieve the package.

Use this link to see the ZendoorA in action: https://vimeo.com/696362640/939ab519fd

This is a huge milestone for SCI as the vision for our revolutionary device has become a “live” and working product, operated by and integrated with our proprietary software. The process of developing this first fully-functioning prototype has also revealed numerous ways we can improve our product and enhance the user experience.  We are looking forward to producing a number of these next-generation Proof of Concept units (POCs) that we can deliver to potential partners/customers for testing.

Our next step would be to go on our “roadshow” to perform similar demonstrations for these partners.  Unfortunately, we are in need of additional funds to cover the manufacturing of these testable POCs. We have been focused on securing a significant investment to cover Phase 1, the POCs, and other operating expenses through the end of the year.  Lacking those funds, we’ve had to temporarily delay the roadshow.

SCI is still pursuing that investment. Please note that the Management Team has been communicating with several competing investment groups throughout Q1. Curt & I are pressing forward in the belief that at least one of these groups will be able to fund SCI by the end of this month. We are also in discussions with two Silicon Valley companies that could potentially fund SCI from a Joint Venture (JV) perspective. We are confident that the next investment will propel us through Phase 1, Proof of Concepts with our Top 5 Strategic Accounts, allowing us to complete our Product Development and get our Software as a Service (SaaS) business launched.

Thank you,

Carlos & The SCI Team