Family & Friends Update 9.30.20

Family & Friends Update 9.30.20

Family & Friends Update 9.30.20 1024 1021 sashatima

Friends & Family,


I hope everyone has been safe and healthy during these last six months, let me add sane.


SCI has received the full granted patent for the Zendoora. Now the company has a tangible asset that has boosted  the companies value.  We are anticipating receiving the full patent for the Meddoora by the end of this year.


Securum Capsa plan going forward:


1) We have made changes and improvements to the Zendoora from testing on the test door at SCI. We are constructing the two other prototypes (grey & white) with some of the changes.


2) Get quotes for 50 to 100 Zendoora’s to do a local area beta test. The purpose of the test is to have homeowners use the boxes and give SCI feedback on the functionality before we finalize the design. This will also expose the Zendoora to Amazon and other companies from the delivery employees interaction. We also can get the interest level on the Zendoora during the beta test. All the data we collect during the test will aid SCI in negotiating with the large companies.


3) SCI has engaged with One Ninth Media, a firm that will handle all our social media needs for stock. One Ninth Media came to SCI through one of our investors, Jeff Cameron. They are currently working on an animation video and Securum Capsa website.


4) We are engaged with a few large investors. We are working on a the pre money valuation for the company. The valuation sets the tone for investments going forward.