Family & Friends Update 12.15.20

Family & Friends Update 12.15.20

Family & Friends Update 12.15.20 1024 768 Lenny Vallone

Friends & Family,

I hope everyone is doing well health wise?


1) This is the website that we have been working on –
Our goal is to launch the site this month. When you click on “ZendoorA” the short animation is just a placeholder for where the full one minute video will be going. Can everyone take some time to look it over and give me your feedback on the website if you have any? Included in the email are two voice overs for the animation video that will be going in the website. Can you let me know which voice you like? One of the goals of launching the site is to get people for the beta test.  Please keep the website confidential.


2) The international patents have been filed for the ZendoorA in Canada, Japan and the European Union.


3) I had a meeting on Monday at SCI with  Mike A., who is one of the owners of UPM, the manufacturer in Baldwin Park that wants to do work for stock. I gave him the full presentation of all that SCI wants to produce and do. He is planning to have quotes for the ZendoorA prototypes for the beta test and cost for going to full production with the box.
Grey, off white and white ZendoorA’s!


4) We are engaged with a group of investors in Marina Del Rey. We have been supplying them with documents. We are planning to get a funding decision by the end of the year.


5) Here are the logos for the MeddoorA & reZen box:
If anyone has any questions PLEASE don’t hesitate to call or email me.


Everyone, please have a Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!