Family & Friends Update 2.19.21

Family & Friends Update 2.19.21

Family & Friends Update 2.19.21 1024 737 Lenny Vallone

Friends & Family,

Like so many other companies out there, COVID-19 has come to affect us physically and financially as well. Some of the people within the company and investors have had family members or themselves dramatically affected by COVID-19, and are still dealing with some of the after effects. From a financial standpoint, I have not been able to bring in any major investment in the last two months. I’ve had people lined up to come in for presentations but due to the spike in the pandemic people are now more cautious about investing and/or coming out for a face-to-face presentation.


The company is still moving forward but at a slower pace. I want to thank the team and our vendors for still working with us to continue pushing forward. We still have a lot of work to do on the ZendoorA, so if any of you are able to assist financially that would be greatly appreciated. My number one job is securing funding.


On a  positive note, some of you have may have seen a YouTube video. The reason for this YouTube video is that we entered into a FedEx small business contest. This is why you’ll see FedEx boxes and the tagline used at the end of the video customized for the contest. The grand prize of the contest is $50,000 down to $15,000 for third place. The prize money is not our primary goal of entering the contest, but the money is needed. The goal is to work and cultivate a relationship with FedEx. This could be in the form of an investment down to being involved in our beta test. We have been working on the content package to submit to the Fedex contest for the past two weeks, and I’m pleased to say that we entered into it on Friday. One of the contest requirements is to have a video to share for people to see and vote on. I will be sending out a direct link to the FedEx portal on March 10, that is when the official day for the video is to start being voted on. While working on the video and after showing it, we have potentially more than two direct contacts into management at FedEx. So even if we don’t win or place, access to management is imminent. We’re receiving  great responses to the video in just a day and a half of it being posted.  Please feel free to share this current video to anyone that you’d like to in the meantime, but know that you’ll receive the official Fedex contest link with video to vote on in a few weeks.  We will be producing more videos to show additional functionality of the ZendoorA in the future.  I want to thank the team at One Ninth Media and Brian Hannah for working hard these last two weeks on the FedEx application!


Here is the link to the SCI/FedEx YouTube video:


Here are some pictures we included in the FedEx contest application:
Here is a link to a news article that shows that package theft is only getting worse:


If anyone has any questions or comments on anything, don’t hesitate to call or email me.


In closing, I really want everyone to be safe & healthy.