Family & Friends Update 8.01.21

Family & Friends Update 8.01.21

Family & Friends Update 8.01.21 1024 768 Lenny Vallone

Friends & Family,

I hope everybody is in good health since the last update.

Let me start off by letting you know that we did not place in the FedEx online contest, however, something good still came out of it. One of the companies that won the contest two years ago was Shark Wheel. Inventor and founder, David Patrick, is on the board of new innovations for FedEx and he is also now involved with Securum Capsa. David and his management team are on the advisory board of SCI and they will be able to do a proper introduction to FedEx when the ZendoorA is ready. In addition, Shark Wheel has been instrumental in helping us develop our online crowdfunding campaign.   

We will be launching our online crowdfunding campaign on WeFunder later this week. Visit to review the campaign. You’ll see three new videos and additional plans for the future of the company. Our goal on WeFunder is to raise $2 million in this round to complete the Zendoora and the MeddoorA. Please note that you will receive an email from SCI in the next 24 hours regarding the launch of the campaign. Feel free to forward the email or share the campaign with anyone you think might interested in learning more.  Regarding the MeddoorA, we just received an email back from the United States patent office informing us that we should be able to get the full patent granted within two months with over 70 new claims for the device.

I want to thank the entire team for working extremely hard these last few months to get our campaign completed. Without this team, SCI would not have been able to move to this next phase.

If anybody has any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me at anytime.

Carlos Raphael

Shark Wheel Headquarters:

David Patrick & Carlos Raphael

Jason Haffley, David Patrick, Elias Marquez, Brian Hannah, Lenny Vallone